Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clive Palmer says major parties have failed the Hunter - ABC Online

Mr Palmer is in the city today to boost support for two candidates in the Newcastle and Charlestown by-elections to be held on Saturday, and came to the 1233 ABC studios for an interview with Jill Emberson.

Suellen Wrightson and Jennifer Stefanac were not registered in time to be official PUP candidates, but did stand for the party in the Federal election and have been endorsed by it.

The by-elections were made necessary by the resignations of sitting Liberal members Tim Owen and Andrew Cornwell, after revelations at the ICAC of banned donations from developers.

"We've seen both sides of politics be totally corrupt and let the people down," Mr Palmer says.

"It's a sacred trust when you're elected to parliament to serve the people."

He says by declining to stand any candidates in the by-elections, the Liberal Party has acknowledged it's done wrong and has lost the right to represent people in this area.

"The truth is that both Labor and Liberal haven't lived up to the standards of the community."

The founder of PUP says his party is different.

"We're honest and we've got integrity."

Clive Palmer says the Hunter has been a strong economic performer for NSW for nearly a century.

"But they've been taken for granted by both parties," he says.

"We've got to create jobs here for our children, we've got to make the government accountable for what they do."

Although PUP is a minority party, Mr Palmer says it wields considerable influence over the government by holding the balance of power in the Senate.

He plans to do the same in NSW after the March State election, and is starting with the two local by-elections.

"This is the first step to making sure we hold the balance of power in NSW, and we'll show them how to govern."

Clive Palmer spoke to Jill Emberson on 1233 ABC Newcastle Mornings, and you can hear the interview in the attached audio.

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