Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hidden features of new $5 note and other top stories.

  • Hidden features of new $5 note

    New tactile $5 note in circulation0:21The new $5 note in circulation today comes with a tactile feature that will help the visually impaired. Say hello to the new $5 note.THE birth of a new banknote is a momentous occasion. I mean, Miley Cyrus was in nappies and Ariana Grande wasn’t even born the last time this happened.And so it was with great fanfare that the Reserve Bank of Australia unveiled its fancy new $5 note, the product of a determined campaign by blind teenager Connor McLeod. But the..
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Newcastle Knights Gold Coast Titans .Childhood chat shaped Steve Wozniak, Apple and the computer revolution .
French court suspends burkini ban, controversy goes on1:41 .Hunt for Planet Nine reveals tiny world that is the solar system's most distant object .

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