Thursday, October 13, 2016

Regan Taylor-made for Adelaide and other top stories.

  • Regan Taylor-made for Adelaide

    Regan Taylor-made for Adelaide
    FORMER Newcastle Jets stopper Taylor Regan is destined to become Adelaide United’s final squad signing - barring anymore injury mishaps.Regan, 27, is set to earn an injury replacement contract for Jordan Elsey who was ruled out for the season after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament for the second time in August.Adelaide general manager of football Ante Kovacevic confirmed Regan is a target.“He’s (Regan) naturally suited to a stopper role and he has also played as a fullback,’’ Kovacevic s..
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  • Barnesy chisels away at his hidden trauma | video

    Barnesy chisels away at his hidden trauma | video
    Jimmy Barnes, who was in Newcastle on Friday, gives a candid account of his upbringing. OUT OF THE SHADOWS: Jimmy Barnes, in Newcastle on Friday, opening up about his tough and violent upbringing. Picture: Simone De Peak“THE thing about running away is you can only run so far,” says Australian rock icon Jimmy Barnes. “Eventually you are going to look back, or eventually you are going to fall over, and things will catch up to you.”That was Barnes’ life – he was “happily running alo..
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  • Hopes for the finals at the start of the season

    Hopes for the finals at the start of the season
    EDITORIAL: Newcastle Jets carrying the hopes of the Hunter region. WITH the A-League set to start for the Newcastle Jets on Sunday with a 5pm home fixture against Adelaide United, the club’s new coach, Mark Jones, knows the weight that rests on the shoulders of any representative Novocastrian team.“I still get goose bumps talking about 2008,” Jones says about the year the Jets won the A-League trophy. “We walked around town feeling like a million dollars. You knew you were respect..
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  • Mike's a legend in his own backyard

    Mike's a legend in his own backyard
    Topics: Mike Whitney and a mystery in Changi. Legend: Mike Whitney is urging people to help someone around the house or yard.Mike Whitney is a bit of a legend, which is probably why he’s supporting an initiative called Backyard Legend Day.But first things first.For anyone who likes seeing Newcastle promoted on TV, Mike will feature our town on Sydney Weekender at 5.30pm on Sunday on Channel 7/Prime.The story will feature The Crowne Plaza Newcastle, Rustica restaurant on Newcastle ..
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  • That Banksy in Melbourne video, and the perils of anonymity

    That Banksy in Melbourne video, and the perils of anonymity
    This week, video surfaced of the world's most famous street artist spray painting a wall in Melbourne. ​There's a lot to be said for anonymity – just ask any online troll hiding behind a fake name. But it has its downside too, as Banksy might attest.Anyone can claim to be Banksy and there's not much the real Banksy can do about it without unmasking himself. You could claim to be Banksy, I could say I'm Banksy (and so is my wife), and no one could prove it wasn't true. Je suis Bank..
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  • Jets ski and boat collide at Nerong Inlet killing woman and injuring ...

    Jets ski and boat collide at Nerong Inlet killing woman and injuring ...
    Specialist marine investigations from the Marine Area Command are working with detectives from Manning/Great Lakes Local Area Command to investigate the crash. A woman has died and a child has been injured after a crash between a boat and jet ski on the Mid North Coast.About 5.30pm on Friday October 7, a boat and a jet ski collided on the Nerong Inlet at Nerong, south of Forster.A 54-year-old woman, who was on the jet-ski died at the scene.An eight-year-old boy, who was also on th..
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  • Maureen gets to meet her 'gold medal' hero

    Maureen gets to meet her 'gold medal' hero
    UNITED IN SADNESS: Robert "RJ" Kidd and the sister of the friend whose life he tried to save. BRAVERY: Maureen Lazzaro and Robert "RJ" Kidd, who fought his way into the house behind them on Sunday night, trying to rescue Mrs Lazzaro's sister, Pamela Wilds, from a fire in her bedroom. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.UNTIL this week, Maureen Lazzaro had never met the young man her sister, Pamela Wilds, thought of as “another son”.“Pamela talked a lot about him, what a wonderful boy he w..
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  • When the Anglican church can't follow its own code

    When the Anglican church can't follow its own code
    Most Australians are as unsurprised by skullduggery in the church as by double-dealing in government. It's almost like they expect it. Yet even that low bar has stumped the church of late.Screws in tyres? Disappearing pets? Trolls? Threats? Cover-ups? To those who despise Christianity but claim to live by its values, I say, terrific. Never have we needed truth and compassion more. But what if the church itself forsakes those values? Can a moral code survive without its core players? What if the..
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  • Catherine Britt plans for kids post-cancer

    Lisa RobinsonAustralian Associated PressCountry music star Catherine Britt has set her sights on becoming a mum since being given the all-clear from breast cancer.The Newcastle-born singer-songwriter had six months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation after she was diagnosed last year, aged 30.Britt says it'll take at least a year for her to feel healthy and fit again, and then she'll likely start trying for children with husband James."I have to wait a little bit just to make sure all the t..
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  • The Man Shake joins Plus Fitness Racing

    The Man Shake joins Plus Fitness Racing
    The Man Shake joins Plus Fitness Racing MEDIA RELEASE – Plus Fitness Racing and Lucas Dumbrell Motorsports are excited to announce the signing of a corporate partnership with men’s weights loss program “The Man Shake” founded by ex Newcastle Knights NRL legend Adam McDougall. The announcement last week by Supercars to run an event from Newcastle in 2017 creates a perfect synergy with two highly successful National Health Brands backing local Novocastrian V8 Driver Aaren Russell in the main c..
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